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Firm attorney Bruce Stoltze of the Des Moines, Iowa, law firm of Stoltze & Stoltze, PLC has a long history of handling class action lawsuits in Iowa. Over 20 years ago, he began by successfully handling a class action lawsuit against All American Corporation, representing wronged stockholders. Today our entire attorney team handles class action suits, including a current lawsuit involving more than 60,000 plaintiffs.

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Our firm is experienced in handling all aspects of legally complex class action lawsuits. A current case illustrates our skills.

We are currently handling a case representing tens of thousands of Des Moines citizens against the city of Des Moines. The issue? Des Moines is legally entitled to collect a franchise fee from Mid American Energy Corporation. However, the law states that the amount of the fee must be set in direct relation to costs incurred by the city regarding energy supplied by Mid American Energy.

We claim that the city of Des Moines has not followed the law in setting franchise fees. Instead, it has raised the fee from one to three to five percent, and used the millions of dollars in collected fees to lower property taxes. We represent city residents in a class action suit to lower this illegally high franchise fee and to refund inappropriately raised funds.

The case has received press coverage from local television stations and newspapers, and will eventually be ruled on by the Iowa Supreme Court. For more information on class action lawsuits, contact our office for a free initial consultation.

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