Bicycles Drive Pedestrian Accidents

bicycle accident

A cycling boom sweeping the nation is a source of worry for many pedestrians who share a network of bike trails, sidewalks and crosswalks with a growing number of  bicyclists.  Many elderly walkers and families with children or pets can hardly move out of the way fast enough to dodge bicyclists barreling down the trails at full speed or sailing through crosswalks against lights, posing a risk of serious bodily injury to pedestrians.

The growing bike presence has drawn complaints from residents in cities across the country including Des Moines, who say cyclists are a hazard. Many ride too fast, ignore traffic signals at crossings, and crisscross on and off sidewalks resulting in an untold number of near miss accidents with pedestrians. Just last summer, an elderly Iowa woman was struck by a bicyclist while strolling along a Davenport bike trail with her son. Following the fatal accident, many  are calling for signs to be posted to slow or control bicycle traffic along the trail or impose penalties for negligent bikers.

It has become something of an obstacle course for Iowa pedestrians whether they are out on the trails dodging bikes or just trying to cross city streets in the presence of buses, trucks, cars and now more bikes. Cyclists say it is a false picture that has been painted of cyclists pitted against pedestrians because, they too, are vulnerable road users. However, it is important for those operating two-wheelers and four-wheelers to remember that pedestrians are vulnerable of all. If you or a family member is injured in a pedestrian accident, contact the Des Moines personal injury law offices of Stoltze & Stoltze PLC for immediate assistance today at515.989.8529.