Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Many understand that distracted driving such as texting while driving and impaired driving are dangerous. However, many do not realize that drowsy driving can lead to serious and often fatal car accidents.

The NHTSA puts annual fatalities caused by drowsy driving in the hundreds, but other studies suggest that these figures are conservative simply because fatigue driving is difficult to prove. Some studies suggest that fatigue driving more likely factor into over a million car accidents every year, resulting in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries.

To ensure that a driver does not endanger themselves or others, drivers should take steps to avoid driving when they are fatigued. Drowsy driving can happen to anyone after a poor night’s sleep or after taking certain medications so it is important to plan trips accordingly. Those who drive for a living are at increased risk for fatigued driving, often necessitating more frequent breaks during periods of extended driving.

After a year of being cooped-up during the pandemic, many individuals and families have plans to hit the road to see family and friends, enjoy a vacation away. At the same time, truckers are busily trying to bridge the gap on supplies, increasing their time on the road. All motorists should understand that drowsy driving, distracted driving, and impaired driving should be avoided to reduce accidents. Being aware of the risks can help everyone stay safe on the road.

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