Des Moines Speed Cameras Deter Car Accidents

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The I-235 speed camera is up and running and speeding citations are being issued once again.

Citations resumed June 25 and in the first four weeks, nearly 8,000 tickets were issued along a stretch of I-235 between 56th street and Polk Blvd.

That is a lot, but more than double that many drivers were speeding through the same area when police stopped issuing citations back in April 2017.

Data collected from cameras still running reveals that roughly 20,000 drivers a month exceeded the speed limit when citations were put on hold.

Few are in favor of speed cameras, but they seem to curtail some drivers from speeding which may save lives.

In fact, speeding is involved in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. Not only is the speeder at higher risk of injury, but all the motorists and passengers around them, not to mention bicyclists and pedestrians off the highway.

People that speed have a greater risk of losing control of their vehicle, they have less time to stop or otherwise react when they perceive danger, and crashes at higher rates of speed often translate into more severe injuries.

Drivers that are cited along I-235 can expect to pay fines anywhere from $65 – $80 starting with speed violations between 11 to 15 mph over the posted speed limit.

Speed enforcement is not limited to I-235 however. Law enforcement also has fixed red light cameras at certain intersections and mobile cameras posted in response to resident complaints to deter speeding drivers.

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