Des Moines Truck and Car Accident Fatality | Injury Lawyers for Iowans

A tragic incident on the Northeast side of Des Moines yesterday afternoon shows just how dangerous truck and car accidents are. According to law enforcement, a car  occupied by three teens entered an intersection where they were struck by a semi truck, killing one teen and critically injuring the other two. A resident on scene said that “the intersection is known for rolling stops and high speeds” adding that “there’s wrecks every single year here.”

Unfortunately, truck and car accidents are among the most deadly. Cars simply do not stack up against the weight of a semi truck and truck drivers sometimes cannot stop in time to avoid  collisions.  Every year, there are thousands of motor vehicle accidents involving trucks with many resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Truck accidents can occur due to a variety of reasons, among them are:

  • Truck driver fatigue, impaired driving, speeding or improper training.
  • Trucks that are improperly loaded or in disrepair present a risk to all motorists.
  • Drivers of passenger vehicles are sometimes at fault when they are distracted, impaired or fail to take precautions when sharing the road with high-profile vehicles.
  • Sometimes, it can even be an issue of missing, hidden or incorrect road signs or bad road conditions that lead up to an accident.

In most cases, it is a combination of factors that result in truck and car accidents along Iowa roadways and highways and drivers of  passenger cars and trucks may both be responsible.

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