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The Waukee Community School District and its chief operating officer have come under fire for wrongful termination and violating the state’s whistle blower statute. In a lawsuit filed earlier this week, a former administrative assistant alleges that she was forced from her job after reporting her supervisor’s misconduct. More specifically, she alleges that her boss violated district policies, mismanaged money and abused his authority. The employee is seeking damages for lost wages and personal injury as well as punitive damages. Apparently, this is the third lawsuit claiming that administrators retaliated against employees who reported violations of the district’s policies.

All states, including Iowa, have laws to protect public employees from retaliation such as being fired for reporting problems such as fraud, waste, and abuse in the workplace. Most states also have laws covering private-sector employees, although many of these laws are limited to reports involving workplace health and safety violations. Retaliation may include any adverse employment action such as denying promotion, demoting employees, reducing hours, intimidation or firing.  If an employer takes an unfavorable action against an employee for a protected activity, they may be violating their state’s whistle blower statute.

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If you were are wrongfully terminated from your Iowa job or have suffered other negative employment actions, whether it was in employer retaliation for reporting a problem or a matter of discrimination based on a protected class, it is important to seek the help of an experienced Iowa employment law attorney. The Des Moines wrongful termination lawyers of Stoltze & Stoltze PLC can help you. Contact our experienced team of Iowa employment lawyers today at515.989.8529.

Source: Des Moines Register,  “Waukee schools face third wrongful termination lawsuit”, by Kim Norvell, Janunary 16, 2018