End Distracted Driving Week in Iowa

In 2018 alone, there were over a thousand car accidents attributed to distracted-driving resulting in injuries and fatalities in Iowa. In an effort to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents, the Iowa Governor has officially declared the last week of May “End Distracted Driving Week in Iowa.”

Of course, smart phone use behind the wheel is central to the problem of distracted diving.  Although many foresee a day when a hands free bill will be put forward by the Iowa legislature making it easier to enforce texting while driving laws, in the meantime, the Governor hopes the Proclamation will help raise awareness. “We just want people to put the phone out of their hand” making the roads safer for everyone.

The Governor is not alone in her efforts.  After seeing firsthand the damaging consequences of distracted driving, many who work in law enforcement applaud the Governor’s push to end distracted driving in the state and also hope to see a day when hands-free driving becomes the law.

“As you see motorist and individuals don’t get the picture…it’s going to make the public wake up and finally realize you need a law” says a patrolman. Although texting and driving is now a primary offense, drivers continue to text while driving, posing a risk to themselves and others because they are not focused on the road.

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