Golf Cart Accident Injury

A recent study reveals that children under the age of 17 have suffered significant golf cart accident injury.

Accidents involving golf carts not only occur on  golf courses, but as many as 30 percent happen on public streets, yards and farms where golf carts are routinely used to get around.

Golf cart accident injuries can include concussions, which are most prevalent among children age six to eleven, while children under the age of six suffer the most fractures, including broken bones and skull fractures.

Golf cart injuries are comparable in severity to ATV accident injuries despite the fact golf carts cannot travel at the same speeds. Like an all terrain vehicle (ATV), golf cart accidents can even result in fatalities.

Because few parents are aware of the dangers posed to children using golf carts, researchers hope to sound the alarm.

Whether children are attending a golf camp over the summer or just visiting a friend, parents should ensure that no one under the age of 16 will be  driving the carts and that speeds are kept to a minimum to prevent golf cart injuries and fatalities.

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