Increase in Teen Injuries From Fireworks

With the 2020 Fourth of July weekend fast approaching, Iowans are reminded to “think safety” when setting off fireworks to avoid injuries, which can happen in the blink of an eye. Since the legalization of the sale and use of fireworks in 2017, fireworks have been flying off the shelves and, according to one seller, the 2020 season is no exception. With easy access, injuries are up, and perhaps not surprisingly, many of those injured are teens just looking for fun.

The severity of the injuries, the number of teens injured while handling fireworks, and the number of bystanders injured, have all risen. A University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, College of Public Health, and the UI Injury Prevention Research Center study reveals that firework injuries more than doubled in 2017, with nearly 60 percent of injured parties requiring surgery compared to 20 percent in previous years. Hospitalizations also increased, with 48 percent of patients being admitted for their injuries compared to 20 percent on average before fireworks were legalized in the state. Most concerning perhaps, is that firework injuries have gone up 26 percent for juveniles.

Of course, many cities and counties prohibit private displays, but that has not stopped many from trying “just one” of the larger fireworks or underestimating the danger of fireworks that are green-lighted to use inside city and county lines. With fireworks season approaching, it is important for parents, home owners and businesses to understand the risks to avoid accidents.

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