Iowa Drivers Asked to Give Emergency Crews a Brake

Law enforcement is reminding Iowa drivers to give emergency crews a brake – slow down, and move over when it is safe to do so, when they see emergency crews or highway helpers responding to car accidents or assisting stranded motorists along the highway.

This reminder following yet another incident where an Iowa emergency crew was placed in danger after a multi car crash occurred as they were working along the side of the interstate. One car slowing as they came upon the scene was rear-ended by another vehicle, not only causing the forward driver to strike the police car, but the second car to careen back into traffic where it was struck by another car.

Fortunately no one including the officer, who was inside his car when it was hit, was seriously injured, however, it is one of many close calls that emergency crews have faced when responding to problems along the road. Many may remember, that just earlier this month, another officer was injured when a car crashed in to his cruiser and another highway helper on I-235 underscoring the risk first responder’s face when helping others along the road.

Nearly 16 percent of drivers say that they have struck or nearly struck emergency responders – police, fire crews, paramedics and highway helpers – while driving by the scene of a traffic accident or a car stopped along the road. What’s worse is that more than 70 percent of drivers admit snapping a pics and texting friends when driving by the scene of an accident.

It is important for all motorist to watch their speeds, limit distractions, and always avoid impaired driving especially when navigating around the scene of an accident or a stranded motorist where first responders may be stopped and even outside their vehicles trying to lend a hand. And certainly, although it may be tempting to share up to the minute goings-on with friends on social media, it could put lives at risk.

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