Prevent Dog Bites During Covid-19

Most families and children are home during the temporary shutdown, but there are still a number of employees who provide essential services exempted from the social isolation requirements including USPS mail carriers and also private delivery companies such as Fed Ex and UPS who all continue to deliver mail and packages to homes across the nation.

Because Americans schedules have changed abruptly upon the issuance of Covid-19 self-isolation or shelter in place orders and new routines are not well established, home owners are being reminded that family pets may also be going through adjustments of their own, disturbed and confused by sudden changes to family habits.

With the rapidly changing circumstances at home, a protective canine may perceive visitors as threats to the family. When mail carriers pass mail along to children playing in yards or walk up to doorways to deliver packages, dogs may view them as unwelcome strangers and act to protect the family.

Although a dog may be docile in the eyes of its owner, many people that are attacked by dogs say they are bitten after owners used the phrase “my dog won’t bite”, words that don’t quite add up when considering over 4 million Americans are attacked by dogs each year – a serious public health threat.

As Americans spend more time at home and in their neighborhoods, it is important that everyone takes responsibility for their pets. It is always advisable to have a leash available for immediate restraint of a dog as necessary. It is also important that children remember to shut gates to pet enclosures and doors when going in and out to play to prevent dogs from running lose. Never assume how a dog will react to people walking by your home or coming to your door – the recent changes in activity puts additional stress on pets who don’t always know how to react.

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