Protecting Businesses and Healthcare Providers from Covid-19 Liability

Iowa lawmakers have passed legislation which largely shields businesses and health care providers from lawsuits related to the Corona virus.

Although the bill passed in a 31-18 vote, groups representing Iowa meat packing plants and nursing homes, both hit hard by Corona virus infections, argue the new law will undoubtedly result in businesses not being held accountable when they do not act responsibly to keep Iowa workers, nursing home residents and consumers safe.

The new law provides that employers or premise operators and health care professionals who operate within public health guidance – following best practices of the day – will enjoy more protection from liability lawsuits under the law. Furthermore, the law limits suits that are brought to serious Corona virus cases that require hospitalization or result in death, and in cases where it can be proven that a business intentionally made people sick.

The move to shield businesses and health care providers from liability leaves Iowa workers at the mercy of employers who may or may not  take workplace health and safety seriously, but nevertheless employers can be held accountable when serious injuries or conditions occur. If you are injured at your Iowa workplace, contact the Des Moines employee rights workers’ compensation attorneys of Stoltze & Stoltze PLC for assistance at515.989.8529.