Scooter Accidents Increasing


The growing use of technology driven transportation such as electric scooters, hover boards, electric bikes and mopeds has resulted in more trips to the hospital, leaving medical professionals wondering if they are seeing a trend.

New modes of e-transportation in a car centric world can result in motor vehicle accidents with same or larger vehicles, and the fact that many e-conveyances operate on sidewalks, increases the risk to pedestrians. All told, accidents involving e-transportation can leave victims with anything from head trauma to broken bones to scrapes and bruises, many with long lasting debilitation.

In coastal cities such as San Francisco where pedestrians embrace new modes of transportation to get around, doctors are bracing for what is thought to be an inevitable increase in the flow of patients coming to them as a result of e-transportation accidents. One hospital notes a 10 fold increase in injuries since scooters have taken hold already, and now are actively developing emergency protocols to address the problem.

More data is sorely needed and the onus is doctors and public health officials to gather info on vehicle types, sorting out shared and not shared, with or without helmet, severity of injury, and other data points to determine if there is in fact a trend and how to address it. Because it’s just a matter of time before the popularity of e-transportation explodes in other areas of the country including Iowa, all eyes are on ground zero of the e-transportation phenomena to provide answers to prevent scooter, hover board and electric bike and moped injuries from occurring on a large scale.

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