Securing Maximum Work Comp Benefits

Although the pandemic pushed a booming economy into a recession, closing many businesses and putting people out of work at least temporarily, residential home and roadway construction has exploded leading to more jobs than anyone thought possible.

Construction Workers Face the Greatest Risks in the Workplace

While the Iowa construction boom is good news for construction workers and road crews during the pandemic, it is important to remember that construction can be a dangerous line of work. From falls to electrocution when constructing a home to transportation accidents when repairing roadways, construction workers face the greatest risks in the workplace because there are so many moving parts.

When Rules and Regulations are Not Followed, Construction Work is Downright Hazardous

Construction on-the-job injuries are generally covered by workers’ compensation, but there are also third party lawsuits that can translate into substantial compensation when a worker is hurt. Negligence on the part of the company that designed what turns out to be an unsafe structure might be liable, as can a roadway construction company who does not follow safety procedures resulting in a worker getting hurt. Not only will the worker and their family be paid workers’ compensation, but many others may be liable when negligence plays a role in a serious injury.

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