Snow Removal Accidents Pose Risk to Workers

With the winter weather finally descending on central Iowa, all workers charged with snow removal should be aware of and prepare for potential hazards involved with this winter work.

Hazards of snow removal can pose a real threat to snow removal workers, after all. There are annual incidences of vehicle strikes; eye injuries or amputations associated with snow blowers and other mechanized snow removal equipment; electrocutions from contacting power lines or exposed extension cords; musculoskeletal injuries from exertion and back injury from lifting; frost bite and hypothermia injuries; falls; broken bones; entrapment and more. When weather conditions worsen, the danger to employees working outdoors increases.

To reduce the chance of snow removal work related injuries or fatalities, OSHA recommends caution this season. Employers and employees should be aware of the possible risks associated with snow removal and ensure that operators are properly trained to use equipment and provided proper snow gear. When trying to keep workers safe this winter season, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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