Speed and Following Too Closely Factors in Iowa I-35 Pileup

A spokesman for the Iowa State Patrol believes that speed and following too closely were factors in the major car accident that occurred last week near Ames on Interstate 35. The pileup involved up to 70 cars, buses and trucks traveling during a snow storm that hit Central Iowa Monday. Unfortunately, one person was killed and at least 5 were injured in the massive crash.

In a video released by the Iowa Department of Transportation featured in the Des Moines Register, the accident can be seen unfolding as one vehicle after another crashed into the next.  One person interviewed at the scene of the major pileup said that by the time she saw the accident, she could not stop her car because it was too icy.

Across Iowa, many more accidents were reported after Monday’s storm resulting in at least 10 fatalities and many injuries. With winter weather at its peak in the state, officials urge all people to stay at home in inclement weather to help prevent more accidents from occurring this season. If travel is absolutely necessary, officials urge drivers to slow down and avoid distracted driving so that if problems arise they have time to react.

Following the multitude of car accidents Monday, many drivers and their passengers  found themselves stranded along roadways waiting for assistance in very cold temperatures, which can also present a danger.  Officials were quick to remind the public of the importance of having emergency supplies on hand in the event of a car accident or a break down, especially during the winter season. At a minimum, drivers should always take along extra warm clothing, water, snacks and a charged cell phone in the event of an emergency situation.

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Source: Des Moines Register, “Officials release video of deadly 50-car pileup on I-35 near Ames”, by Luke Nozicka, accessed February 9, 2018.