Texting While Driving Truck Accidents

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Many who regard truckers along the highway believe that the drivers possess considerable experience and exercise good judgment when operating a semi-truck especially because of the danger these high profile vehicles pose to other motorists. As a general rule, a commercial truck driver must maintain a proper following distance, have constant situational awareness, and drive appropriately for conditions such as road types and grades, cornering, lane changing, traffic weather and visibility to avoid getting into an accident. Not surprisingly, all this can go awry the minute a driver is distracted by their smart phone.

Truck Drivers Distracted By Mobile Devices

A recent Smart Drive study reveals that truck drivers distracted by their mobile devices are nearly 90% more likely to be involved in a near collision and just as likely to speed by at least 10 mph over the speed limit. Although it’s inconceivable that someone flying down the highway in a big rig would be distracted on their phone – it happens – even when trucking company policies prohibit it. In fact, some companies who have installed driver facing cameras in their fleets have had their eyes opened to the fact that truck drivers can be just as susceptible to texting while driving as is the general population.

Distracted driving accounts for a quarter of all motor vehicle accidents and mobile devices are all too often the culprit. If you are in an accident involving a commercial truck caused by a distracted driver, you stand a good chance of walking away with significant injuries or losing a family member simply due to the difference in size.  Drivers and trucking companies have a unique responsibility to ensure that rules and regulations regarding the operation of commercial trucks are being followed to the letter in order to prevent accidents from occurring. If you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, it is important to seek the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer not only to hold negligent trucking companies and truck drivers accountable, but to get the compensation you need and deserve.

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