Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most working Americans know about workers’ compensation, comforted knowing that if they suffer an injury in a traumatic work accident their medical expenses and time off from work will be covered. What few understand, however, is that workers’ compensation is also payable for individuals with repetitive stress injuries, including office workers who develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Prevalent Among Office Workers

Office workers often perform repetitive movements such as typing on a keyboard or other tasks that require repetitive hand and wrist movements. Over time, the pressure put on nerves can cause painful and debilitating symptoms making it next to impossible to perform work duties.

Depending on the progression of the disease treatments can range from conservative to a surgical intervention. Early on someone suffering from carpal tunnel might benefit from resting their hands, applying cold compresses, OTC medications and nighttime bracing.  As the disease progresses, some will try anti-inflammatory injections of corticosteroids to reduce painful inflammation. When conservative treatment fails, surgery may be appropriate to relieve pressure and promote healing. Regardless of the stage, carpal tunnel can result in missed work and medical bills which may be covered by workers’ compensation.

 Contact Our Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you are experiencing worsening symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to see what benefits are available to you under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan. It is also advisable to discuss your injury with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that you receive maximum benefits for medical treatment and lost wages.

Unfortunately, some insurers will either deny claims saying the worker was not injured on the job or that it was the result of a preexisting condition. Insurers may also reduce benefits that an employee is entitled to in order to save the insurance company and the employer money to the detriment of the employee.  It is therefore important to have a legal strategy going in to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury.

When you are suffering from wrist, pain, numbness, and tingling in your hand and/or arm, contact the Des Moines carpal tunnel syndrome injury attorneys of Stoltze & Stoltze Law PLC. We help Iowa workers obtain the benefits they need and deserve when they are injured in the workplace. Call515.989.8529 or email our office to schedule your free consultation.