Workers’ Memorial Day Raising Awareness

Workers' Memorial Day

The National Safety Council
 is calling on all Americans to prioritize work safety as Workers’ Memorial Day approaches April 28. Workers Memorial Day not only honors those who lost their lives at work, but also seeks to raise awareness as part of its mission to protect workers from injuries on the job.

Preventable workplace fatalities have increased in recent years, most notably in industries such as construction, transportation and agriculture. Nearly ten thousand workers were injured and several hundred lost their lives in transportation and warehousing industries in 2017 alone. Eighty thousand construction workers were injured in the same year with nearly one thousand losing their lives on the job. Hundreds of workers in the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting industries died in the line of work while tens of thousands more were injured.

Fortunately, many industries are actively looking for ways to reduce workplace injuries and deaths. In the coming decades, many expect technology to bring in a new era of safety advancements to that will eliminate workplace fatalities in the future. Leading the way is the Work to Zero initiative, who sees technology innovation as a game changer. With new and improved wearables, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, automaton and artificial intelligence, tomorrow workforce will be made safer.

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