Workplace Repetitive Stress Injury Increasing

workplace repetitive stress injury

The business landscape of computers and smart phones has resulted in an increase in the number of employees succumbing to wrist and hand tendinitis.  Sometimes the numbness and pain employees experience after typing into their computers or phones over a long period of time can be an early sign of carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve compression. Some employees complain of their hands hurting so much that have to take leaves of absence from work to recover and many may eventually have to consider surgery to fix the problem.

Workplace Repetitive Stress Injuries

Wrist tendinitis and related repetitive stress injuries are common in the workplace and account for a significant percentage of workplace injury claims.  Workplace repetitive stress injury (RSI) can result in decreased dexterity, loss of feeling in the hands, chronic pain, and reduced strength, which can make fulfilling the duties of a job next to impossible.  Treatment may include rest, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory meds for mild cases or, for severe issues, surgery may be the only option.

Workers’ Compensation for RSI Injuries

If you suspect that you have wrist tendinitis caused by your work duties, make your employer aware that you may be dealing with a work injury.  If caught early on, you may be able to resolve it with minimal treatment and perhaps changing the way you do things at work with the employer’s support.  If your employer does not take your concerns seriously and you find that you are missing work, racking up medical bills, or have been advised that surgery may be necessary, it is important to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer to see if your claim will be covered or whether litigation is necessary to recover lost wages, medical expenses and other damages.

Contact An Experienced Iowa Work Injury Lawyer for Help

Computers and cell phones make many tasks easier around the workplace, however the hands and wrists bear the brunt of the physical workload which can sometimes make or break an employee’s ability to earn a living. Repetitive stress injuries are one of the fastest growing occupational injuries, but unfortunately, some insurers dispute the idea that an RSI is related to the job and may deny you benefits. Talking to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve if you are suffering from a repetitive stress injury resulting from your job.  Call the Law Offices of Stoltze & Stoltze PLC for immediate help today at515.989.8529.